2021.06.26 – Singapore’s Container Farm


Singapore’s container farm has started planting. The magical container farm finished its parallel time and space journey, Taiwan Airtree container farm has arrived on the land of the Singapore agent in one piece. The locals jokingly call it “Fun Farm”. Airtree CEA control system also obediently transmits agricultural data back to Taiwan successfully. (Agri data bank), SG adults and children all having a great time gardening with it. Looking forward to seeing Airtree Fun Farm to join Singapore’s 30 by 30 policy to supply sustainable food for their people.

During the intensive video conferences with the Middle East market in the past two weeks, they told us that ME people take spices almost every meal. They mentioned that three kinds of herbs, such as mint, sage, and dill, are needed on the coffee flavor wheel, and boldly asked Airtree to grow them before buying an Airtree farm ?! Hahaha

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